Rouge & Rogue



Introducing the COCO lash, our first collaboration with international model and fashion designer Teale Coco. Drawing influences from spirituality, occultism, and sexuality - Teale celebrates unique beauty in every form. With this in mind during the creation process, we also sought to encapsulate just what an anomaly Teale is in herself - a rare creature too beautiful to be caged, so wild and fiercely independent that you admire from afar. She’s an intoxicating blend of feminine and masculine, strength and vulnerability, light and dark. Teale embodies our credo that we are our own form of art and that expression of beauty should only be contained by how big we dream it. The COCO lash was designed with the belief that opposite energies and contrary forces are all cosmically interconnected. When you wear the COCO lash, we hope you feel just as primal, boundless, and celestial as the vision that inspired it.

This lash is a fluffy, multi-tiered style with varying lengths giving eyes a doll like appearance! Features a ultra thin, flexible cotton band. As always, 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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